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下载中文圣经 - Download the Chinese, English and Portuguese Holy Bible - Free! Beware if you download through your mobile phone: unless you use wi-fi, your phone charges may be very HIGH. [suggestion: download files through computer and copy them to your smart phone]

Wordpocket - [for Mobile Phones] [sample]

Wordproject : Download Wordproject to use offline in the following languages :

Wordproject - [Wordproject web site] [sample] Chinese / English / Pinyin

Wordproject - [Wordproject web site] [sample] Portuguese / English

Wordproject - [Wordproject web site] [sample] Hindi / English / Romanized Hindi


Wordplanet Program - [Multilanguage Bible Freeware for Windows OS] [A simple Bible program that you may use offline ]


Wordproject Multilanguage Web Pages - Chinese / English / Pinyin [parallel display] [Sample here]


You may download the following programs if you need:

  • Flash player To hear MP3 audio files in your browser you may need this. Download and install if your browser has no 'flash' plugin.
  • Firefox portable Wordproject works better with Firefox. Download and install.
  • Other instructions