How about Baptism?

Do I need to be Baptized?

    A: We receive Christ's baptism when we confess, repent and sincerely pray to receive Jesus in our hearts. We receive the inward power of the Holy Spirit when we ask, whereby the believer is immersed in Jesus' power, purity, and wisdom. This baptism is the essential Christian baptism: an experience of cleansing from sin that supplants the ritual of water baptism.

    Q: But Jesus was water baptized why should not I?
    A:Jesus was also circumcised. You don't need to. Jesus offered turtle doves as a sacrifice. He kept the Passover and other traditions. You don't need to. Jesus did many of the Jewish rituals before He was glorified - that is, before His death and resurection.

    Burnt offerings and sacrifices were offered for sin under the Old Testament. Jesus became the sacrifice for the sins of the whole world. The New Testament started with Jesus death and Resurrection, not with John the Baptist.

    Here are Bibles verses that proclaim salvation by faith - click and see for yourself what the Holy Bible says about the Salvation of our soul:

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