What would you do?

    If a person living in a non-Christian, or anti-Christian country wants to become a Christian and asks for your help?

    A: If you are a pastor or a preacher, or maybe just a Christian that believes it is essential that someone receives water baptism, the baptism of John, what would you do if someone calls you [emails you] half way around the world and shows a desire to be baptized?

    - Would you request that the person comes to your town and your church to be baptized?

    - Would you tell that person to find someone, anyone, to perform the baptismal ritual?

    - Would you leave your congregation, travel many miles, maybe to another country, and go and baptize that person?

    - What if that person cannot wait? Cannot move? What if the country is isolated and won't let you in?

    - Will you say: 'sorry, you are going to hell - without water baptism you are doomed'?

    Or will, as you should, ask that person to pray the 'sinner's prayer' and accept Jesus Christ?

I believe, if you are a true shepherd, even if you are not a pastor, a priest or preacher, you will relieve that person from a pure religious ritual and grant her the truth of God's Word as laid in the following Bible passages:

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